Into the Void Tour Tracks

by Ginger Alford

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I recorded these songs mid-April 2013 just before a hastily cobbled together tour of Europe.


released April 30, 2013

ON THE ICE has often been performed with the band Traveling. This version was recorded and mixed at Unseasonable Sound by Patrick Jennings. I played guitar and sang. Richard Wehrenberg Jr played Rhodes piano and also sang. Patrick Jennings played Cello.

THIRD WHEEL was recorded by me in my bedroom on a 1 watt toy Fender guitar amp. Patrick Jennings helped master it later. I also usually play this song with Traveling.

INTO THE VOID was recorded by me in my kitchen. Patrick Jennings helped me mix and then master it later.

Alan Crenshaw drew the "Into the Void" art and often plays on these songs.

Alan Crenshaw and Jake Alexander for playing these songs with me.
Patrick for doing this late nights after shifts.
Matt Tobey for lending me that recording box.
Richard for enthusiastically contributing to the whole process.



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Ginger Alford Bloomington, Indiana

I am a human person from Bloomington, IN who normally plays in bands such as Traveling and Good Luck with other human people. I enjoy coffee, novels, and writing songs from the perspectives of other people who are still thinly veiled versions of me.

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Track Name: On the Ice
Down Here, stuck in solid ice, there’s not a lot of things I wouldn’t do. I couldn’t spend more time with you if we were rafting on open seas. Back home I was frozen with indecision, too many options, no real plans. Down here there’s no demands except work and warmth. You have to agree, we’ll be bunking here tonight, if we weren’t feeling right, we’d still be bunking here tonight anyway. I felt like the unremarkable daughter of a famously predictable home. But I'm not some lamb for the slaughter on the altar of youthful enjoyment. I’ve got to feel something real. I came all the way here. Just to feel something real and not escape. Went out on the ice tonight. I’m still surprised when there’s not much to see. And the white’s as black as the blackest sky when you leave the light of base #3. Slipping and sliding along, it’s not the quickest or easiest path to destruction. I want to touch your skin under those layers of warmth and protection. Adrift, a drift, a snow drift, an endless sea. If we pass each other like ships without seeing I’ll lose all desire to see this drift, this drift, this snow drift this endless sea. If we pass each other like ships without seeing, I’ll lose all desire to see...
Track Name: Into the Void
You’re sworn to no one
When morning ghosts come calling.
I pick you up cause we’re leaving.
Heading due west like the memory of all those before us.

We go into the void now
where we take the black and keep going
cross the last threshold of attention

What we left from Mexico and Hawaii
We replace with pale bitter acids.
Your tum turns to galloping horses
and I burn with an energy not seen before us.

I go into the void now
I take the black and keep going
past the last threshold of attention

And I know the world swirls down and down
And there’s no comfort I can offer you...except to say
Go into the void now.
Just take the black and keep going.
Cross the last threshold of attention.